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3 Key Steps When Starting The Submittal Process

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Congratulations! You were the low bid and now the fun begins, when I say “fun” I mean stress. After submitting your insurance and bonds you will need to supply the architect with a submittal log. This log consists of the detailed list of required submittals under each CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) code. I have been a part of some submittal logs consisting of 1,550 different submittals in a single project.

Upon receipt of the approved submittal log you will need to follow what I call the

3 Key Steps When Starting the Submittal Process”.

1. Start by submitting the critical path items. This Is the material that will be needed to start the job. A good example would be the concrete mix design.

2. Submit on the long lead-time items. A good example would be Structural Steel.

3. Submit the complete spec section. This will slow down the approval process. When submittal only a portion of the required submittals the engineer may reject the submittal.

As a bonus I would like to add one more that has helped me in keeping everything organized. Attach a transmittal to every complete submittal detailing all items included. A good example would be a transmittal showing a separate line item for each of the following…

06 64 00-1 Plastic Paneling 2.2 Plastic Sheet Paneling Product Data

06 64 00-2 Plastic Paneling 2.3.A Trim Accessories Product Data

06 64 00-3 Plastic Paneling 2.3.B Adhesives Product Data

06 64 00-4 Plastic Paneling 2.3.C Sealant Product Data

06 64 00-5 Plastic Paneling 2.3.D Sample

When submitting a complete submittal, you are giving the owner/architect all the information needed to ease the approval process. Remember stay ahead of the critical path because no material can be installed without an approved submittal.

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