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Construction Submittal Service

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 We work as a remote Project Manager Assistant. Handling the submittals from start to finish.

Allowing the P.M. to focus on more important tasks like... 

Bidding More Work and finding those Value Added Change Orders.  




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Construction Submittal Logs

Start your job off with a detailed submittal log ready for the architect’s approval. We comb the specifications and deliver this excel spreadsheet within a week. This service is fully digital and is available nationwide. Imagine while your getting your Subcontracts and Purchase Orders ready our team can be preparing your submittal log. 

Building Plans
Construction Submittals Product Data / Shops

Submittals are time consuming.  Late submittals can cause expensive delays. We start by calling your subcontractors and material suppliers informing them of all the required submittals. We will ensure the correct manufacture and product is submitted, If so we will update the "live" submittal log and generate a coversheet and submit directly to the architect and/or project manager. We stay on top of the submittals until approval. We keep all submittals "in the cloud" they will be available anytime for the construction team. Just think while your working on running the job we are calling and emailing the subs and suppliers to keep your job running without any submittal delays. With an average cost of $8,000.00 we are giving you the most valuable resource....Your Time.

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Construction Submittals LEED Documents 

Our Construction LEED Team will work with your Project Manager on some of the cumbersome submittals. We have a licensed LEED certified associate for the sustainable the jobs. Contact us today to see how we can help you on your LEED project. 

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As a licensed general contractor I understand the daily pressures you face with every project. I also understand the importance of staying ahead of the paperwork and still having time to devote to estimating more jobs or capturing the value needed change orders.  Therefore, I started this company with "YOU" the general contractor in mind. We have created a valuable resource to help you manage your projects more efficiently and have time to go after the next project. Just think ... You can keep your overhead lean with this service built into each bid. No more extra added overhead in-between jobs.

We are ready to team up and help you with this data entry service.

Thanks for checking out the site - Chris Shaw, Chief Executive Officer


Spaces are limited, connect with one of our team members today.


Experience the future of project management by emailing your plans and specs to the estimating team at


Cost Proposals:

Subscription Service:

Project Management:

Office: 304-741-2755 

PO Box 1108 Saint Albans WV 25177


Justin Dozier, VP

Great professional company, did an outstanding job with my submittal package. Keep up the good work!



Danhill Construction Co.

(304) 632-1600

Glenn Ferris, WV


David Walker, President

Construction Submittals handles the entire submittal process from start to finish. We use Construction Submittals on all our projects big and small and they have proven to be very cost effective. 

Comex Corp.

(281) 479-2322

La Porte, Texas

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Sal Kardar, President

After our first project experience, we intend to engage them in the management of our upcoming projects allowing us to laser focus on construction site activities


(212) 537-6563

NYC Office

Thank you for checking out our site. 
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